The Nelsonville Music Festival is a project of Nelsonville’s own non-profit historic theater Stuart’s Opera House, all proceeds from the Nelsonville Music Festival support not only NMF but supports the arts year-round at Stuart’s Opera House.

Stuart’s Opera House is the cornerstone of the historic Public Square in Nelsonville. It is dedicated to its role as a regional leader in the arts community, a center for public expression, and an economic development partner for Southeastern Ohio. Stuart’s Opera House is a nonprofit organization, 501(c)(3), and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a historic venue sought out by a variety of diverse audiences, as well as an outlet for artistic growth, and serves as a cultural anchor for the city’s Public Square.

In addition to NMF, Stuart’s Opera House presents over seventy-five public events a year. Stuarts also offers year-round free arts education programs including our own After School Music Program (AMP), a free weekly class that teaches area youth how to make music, as well as providing extra homework help. The program culminates with our after school bands performing on the porch stage of NMF.

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Stuart’s Arts Education Program Offers the Following:

  • Staged theater performances for area students (over 4,000 students annually)
  • Artist workshops in area schools and at Stuart’s
  • Free music concerts for local children (1000 students)
  • After School Music Program (AMP)
  • Summer theater camp, partnering with Circle Around the Square summer education program
  • Free admission to all children under 12 to NMF