C&TH is heart-warming rock and roll originally from Boise, Idaho. One self, psych rock band, Clarke performing live with a drumstick in hand, guitar strings under her thumb, vocals that cut right to the point with a Moe Tucker rhythm laid underneath, with C&TH, she takes basement rock fuzz, pop precision, molten neo-psych, weirdo gutter punk while singing exception art/psych damage pop songs. Since 2013 she has released five albums. Clarke and the Himselfs (Curly Cassettes, 2013), Clarke and the Himselfs II (HIB, 2014), The Well-Rounded Clarke and the Himselfs (Scavenger Cult, 2015), Clarke and the Himselfs and Friends (SC, 2016), In Your Heart you Know She’s Clarke and the Himselfs (CC, 2017) Throughout this time she’s been touring nationally and internationally. Daytrotter and Paste Magazine listed C&TH as #1 for Rock and Roll and #4 for in general for their best of 2017 list.

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