It is certain that EYE have been gifted a Chariot, one which enables them to travel, and return. Into dream, into war, into love, into absurdity, and into mystery. It is only known that it has been decreed that EYE must go ever onward. Fearless, in revelry, in joy, and in defiance. Through Earth, body moves and holds heavy to form: solid, broken. Through Water, the teeming flow and force of emotion pours and receives. Through Fire, the desire to unite restlessly feeds, famished. Through Air, the mind sharp, shining, clear of obstruction. To Ether, the untouchable and unseen void sings, echoing paradox. Yes, EYE is blissfully maddening. Yes, EYE is dangerously playful. And yes, EYE is tempting and lulling.