Heather Redman isn’t new to the southern Ohio music scene and has long been respected for her frequent role as a co-vocalist, co-front person, guitarist, and percussionist. In fact, you could say that over the years she’s developed one hell of a reputation. That reputation has at last manifest into a band Redman fronts with the support of some of the region’s heaviest hitters, a big live sound including a 3 piece horn section, as well as a fantastic, highly anticipated, and well-deserved “Heather record”.

The debut album “Heather Redman & The Reputation” Is a fresh and familiar sound that mines the depths of 60s and 70s soul and garage rock, but delivers a new energy fed by Redman and Co.’s lineage in Midwestern indie rock. For all the retro vibes and bonafide soul chops, there is matching angular edge and willingness to experiment that makes this album and band resonate as something incredibly special. It’s genuinely creative, emotionally raw, and masterfully executed.

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