In The Pines is a traveling collective based out of Cincinnati, OH. Formed in 2016 by childhood friends Michael Shular (lead vocals/guitar) and Charlie Horn (lead guitar), they spent five years cultivating a writing style focused on a “variety of tones and colours of blues and psychedelic music throughout the ages” (Citybeat Magazine). Adding Pat Zopff (lead vocals/bass) and Alex Dungan (drums/vocals) in the middle of 2017 shed new light on the band’s creative horizons.

United by a shared love for the psychedelic music of the 1960’s, the band released their debut LP, “San Lorenzo” in the winter of 2018. The band spent the next two years writing and recording new material whilst booking their own shows across the midwest and east coast, contributing to the completion of their sophomore LP, “Slow Blink”, which was released in January of 2020 on Soul Step Records. “Evoking images of sun blasted desert plains and everlasting blue skies” (Atwood Magazine), the band gathered a following for their signature psych-prog wonder.

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