Nick Tolford & Company, your favorite rockin’ good time band triumphantly returns!

Nick Tolford’s first solo demo tape was good enough to release as-is. Nick’s vocals rang with heavy hints of Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, and just a kiss of Lux Interior. The catchy grooves immediately grabbed the attention of drummer Mike O’Shaughnessy. From there, Nick assembled a crack live band from the local scene to capture the verve of his music — Julian Dassai on guitar, Bobby Silver on bass, and Brian Travis on Fender Rhodes. Leslie Jankowski, Cecil Moore, Katie Gartin, and Robin Joos round out the backup vocals and bring the infectious party vibe.

Stax, Motown, and Daptone comparisons are welcome and embraced — but Columbus’ own Capsoul Records was clearly on heaviest rotation. Nick pulls as much from that deep influence of local soul as with punk, metal, indie rock, hip hop, and psych, with the band delivering high-energy songs that span the spectrum from sweat-soaked rock ‘n’ roll to blood-and-guts soul crooners. Ohio Soul is thrifty, loose, and spartan; Nick Tolford & Company emanates that spirit.

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