T-Claw grew up in Nashville, Tennessee playing punk and jazz. Spurred by his hometown fiddlin’ friends, he moved to the Northwest and fell into a vibrant old time music community. First he picked up banjo, then fiddle, then everything else. Calling came intuitively after years of playing and organizing. He can be seen getting strangers to have a grand ol’ time in unusual surroundings. Over the last couple years, T has been steadfastly touring the Southeast and Midwest to play and call dances, stimulating interest in towns that no longer have old school square dancing. Aside from calling at most of the country’s currently active dances, he’s called at festivals including Dare to Be Square, Morehead, Clifftop, Augusta Dance Week, Seattle Folklife, Portland Gathering and The Black Fly Ball. He can call for beginners as well as seasoned dancers, keeping moves suitable for the crowd.

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