Formed in the Appalachian foothills of Athens, Ohio in 2011, The D-Rays draw from a wide number of garage/surf/punk influences to deliver their own brand of stripped-down, dirty, original instrumental rock. No Walk Don’t Run, Wipeout, or Miserlou here, this is something different.

Driven by bass player Missy Pence and drummer Maceo Gabbard, The D-Rays’ live show reflects the short attention span of guitarist Erick Coleman. Onstage, the band gets right down to business- their set features original tunes that rarely break the two-minute mark. The result is a fast-moving show centered around a powerhouse rhythm section and reverb-soaked guitar.

The D-Rays waste no time ripping through a tight, energetic set with tunes that will bounce around in your head days after.

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