The Nelsonville Music Festival does not tolerate harassment of any kind. Everyone and anyone is welcome at NMF. Please help us by reporting any offensive or unacceptable behavior.

Safety and Security for everyone at The Nelsonville Music Festival is our number one priority.

Security Policies

NMF instituted new safety policies, practices, and procedures in 2018, with the sole purpose of doing everything in our power to make our festival as safe as possible. As always, we are ONLY looking for weapons and/or dangerous objects. Moving forward to 2020, we will only allow CLEAR BAGS AND CLEAR BACKPACKS and small clutch bags or fanny packs. NO LARGE PURSES or OTHER BAGS will be allowed. Thank you for helping us make NMF safe and thank you for your patience with our new policies as we continue to improve a safe festival experience for everyone.

As in previous years, all bags will be searched upon entry and re-entry.

If you have a question about our safety and security measures or have a question about your bag, e-mail us at

Allowed Items in Festival Grounds

  • Bags made of clear plastic, clear vinyl or clear PVC, which do not exceed 13″ × 17″ in size (this includes CLEAR BACKPACKS under 13″ x 17″)
  • One-gallon clear zip-top bag
  • Small clutch bags, approximately the size of a hand either with or without a handle or strap
  • “Small Fanny-pack(s)” or similar waist-packs
  • Camelbaks and personal hydration systems are allowed, but must be empty
  • (1) Factory sealed water bottle AND/OR a non-glass, EMPTY water container
  • Skateboard (ONLY permitted on NMF skate ramp, not permitted in main festival grounds)

Prohibited Items in Festival Grounds

  • Large Purses
  • Camera Bags
  • Cinch Bags
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Outside alcohol
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Drones
  • Glass
  • Outside food
  • Sky lanterns
  • Umbrellas
  • Laser Pens
  • Pets
  • Bikes/Scooters
  • Fireworks

The Nelsonville Music Festival has implemented the following policies to ensure a safe, enjoyable event experience for all guests. All jackets and allowed bags will be inspected upon entry or re-entry to the festival site. All allowed bags will be inspected at all gate entrances.

Attendees are PERMITTED to bring in empty aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic containers for water. Lawn chairs are also PERMITTED.

NMF Staff (or their designated security staff) reserve the right to make the final determination on prohibited items. In the event that prohibited items are revealed in the inspection, guests will be asked to dispose of the items or return them to their vehicles or campsites before reentering the festival site.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to make NMF a safe place for all!
The Nelsonville Music Festival Staff