Thanks for your interest in volunteering at the Nelsonville Music Festival!

We’re doing things a little differently in 2023. So, whether you are a new or seasoned member of our Volunteer family, please take a few moments to read through the following information.

This year, volunteers can choose between working THREE 4-hour shifts, scheduled before, during, and/or after the festival, OR working TWO 4-hour late-night shifts (beginning after 6:30 pm) during the festival. In exchange, you’ll receive an NMF23 weekend pass, onsite parking or car camping in a designated Volunteer area, a Camping Wristband, and a t-shirt. Shifts will be assigned by our Volunteer Coordinator based on your availability and area preferences, so please be sure to take your time when filling out the application and think through your answers before submitting.

Unlike previous years, we will have a designated Volunteer Campground where you can camp with your vehicle. If you’d like to join your friends with a campsite in Mudville (the non-volunteer campground) you may leave your vehicle in the Volunteer area overnight. To camp in Mudville with your vehicle, you’ll need to purchase a Car Campsite.

The Nelsonville Music Festival charges a $15 fee to all volunteers at the end of the application process to help pay for the t-shirts and to support our Zero Waste Program.

Every single volunteer has an important role to play in creating the magic of NMF. We count on you to show up to all of your shifts, ready to pitch in and do your part. NMF will hold your credit card number as a deposit on your volunteer sign up; we depend on all of our volunteers to take their work as seriously as we do! Your card will only get charged if you do not show up or do not complete your basic volunteer duties as viewed by your area supervisor or shift manager.

Some cancellations can’t be avoided, so we ask that you let us know before July 1, 2023 if you will be unable to make your volunteer assignments. Any cancellations on or after July 1st will be considered no-shows and you will be charged for the full price of the weekend pass.

2023 Volunteer Applications are CLOSED.

Thank you to the more than 600 people who have volunteered their time to make the Nelsonville Music Festival happen.