It takes hundreds of folks coming together to make NMF happen.


Volunteer signups for the 2024 Nelsonville Music Festival are open!

Please take a moment to read through the following information as our process and perks are a bit different from year’s past.

  • Signing up to be a volunteer will be a TWO-PART PROCESS this year. First, you’ll purchase your volunteer ticket. Then, you will click the link in your confirmation email to select your shifts.
  • Volunteers can choose between working THREE 4-hour shifts where one of the shifts MUST start after 6:30pm, OR working TWO 4-hour late-night shifts (beginning after 6:30 pm) during the festival. Please note, you have to complete BOTH steps to volunteer!
  • In exchange for your time and $20 (plus fees), you’ll receive an NMF24 Volunteer weekend pass, a t-shirt, and the option to park during the day at our offsite location. Camping in the designated volunteer campground costs an additional $20. With this option, you’ll be able to bring your car on-site and camp with your fellow volunteers. These fees are non-refundable.
  • Every single volunteer has an important role to play in creating the magic of NMF. We count on you to show up to all of your shifts, ready to pitch in and do your part. We depend on all of our volunteers to take their work as seriously as we do! NMF will hold your credit card number as a deposit on your volunteer sign up. Your card will only get charged if you do not show up or do not complete your basic volunteer duties as viewed by your area supervisor or shift manager.
  • Some cancellations can’t be avoided, so we ask that you let us know before July 1, 2024 if you will be unable to make your volunteer assignments. Any cancellations on or after July 1st will be considered no-shows and you will be charged for the full price of the weekend pass.

Purchase Volunteer Ticket

Have questions? Check out the Volunteer FAQ and watch our step-by-step video on signing up to become a Volunteer. Still have questions? Contact